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The wedding shoe trend for everyone: pain-free and pretty2013-07-05T02:31:31+00:00

(BPT) – Sparkles, spangles and color, new or vintage, whatever your preference in wedding shoe styles there’s one trend that every bride should get behind: comfort.

“Pretty flats and even tennis shoes have been gaining popularity among brides for several years, and while those styles may not be to everyone’s taste, the concept of comfortable wedding shoes is good for everyone,” says Dr. Crystal Holmes, a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

While an APMA survey indicates that most women do emphasize comfort over looks when choosing dress shoes, brides may consider comfort less important than style on their big day. “Brides may think that since they’re only wearing their wedding shoes for a day, it doesn’t matter if the shoes make their feet hurt,” Holmes says. “But shoes that hurt your feet can cause long-term problems, and make existing ones even worse. Sore feet can put a damper on your wedding, reception and even honeymoon.”

The APMA offers some advice for choosing the most comfortable options in some popular wedding styles:

Pumps – A classic wedding shoe, bridal pumps come in a wide variety of styles, colors and heights. When choosing a pump, be aware that pointy shoes place pressure on the toes and can aggravate problems like hammertoes and bunions. Choose pumps with deep, wide toe boxes that give you plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Keep in mind lower heels are better, especially if you’ll be in your wedding shoes for several hours.

Ballet flats – Flirty, feminine and fun, ballet flats can feel more comfortable than heels. But very flat shoes can actually be harmful to your arch and heel. Opt for a flat that has a bit of a heel, a thicker sole, and plenty of cushioning and support. Avoid flats that bend in half or easily twist.

Kitten heels – When it comes to good looks and foot-friendly design, kitten heels are the cat’s meow. Typically lower than one inch, kitten heels add a touch of height without placing undue pressure on the ball of the foot that higher heels can cause. They also tend to be a bit wider than the average heel, making them more stable and comfortable.

Platforms and wedges – Towering platforms and wedges provide height, style and endless options. But wearing these higher styles requires brides to take extra caution. Platforms and wedges may compromise your balance and stability, and very high shoes can lead to ankle rolls and falls. Look for lower platforms and wedges that feature secure ankle straps. Cork bottoms provide some shock absorption and traction.

Peep toes – Popular among brides who want to show off their pretty pedicures, peep toes range from towering heels to functional flats. Regardless of heel height, peep toes may cause your toes to slip forward or overlap, or may even push nail edges into the skin to form an ingrown toenail. Avoid peep toes that are too tight, and be sure they are free of seams near the toe area, as seams place further pressure on toes.

Sling backs – Showing a flirty flash of heel, sling backs are dynamic and sexy – perfect for walking down the aisle and kicking up your heels during the reception. Look for a sling back with a lower heel that will be more comfortable for extended wearing. Straps should be snug but not too tight to avoid chafing on the back of the heel. Too loose straps may cause the shoe to slip off your foot, so a proper strap fit is important.

Whatever style you choose, some advice is universal:

* Very high heels place pressure on your feet, shifting your entire body weight. If you plan to wear your heels throughout the entire ceremony and reception – likely more than two hours – consider choosing a heel of no more than two inches. Or, save the very high heels for the ceremony and switch to a lower, more comfortable heel for afterward.

* Brightly colored or patterned wedding shoes are in vogue now, and while color doesn’t affect comfort the material might. Materials that provide stability and stretch may be better for your feet. Avoid plastic, vinyl and other materials that don’t allow feet to breathe.

* Shoes should have a flexible sole that allows toes to bend naturally when you walk and a rigid, cushioned heel counter to keep the foot in place inside the shoe.

* Inserts are a great way to help cushion heels, arches and the balls of your feet. It’s easy to find inserts that work with virtually any style of wedding shoe.

* When shopping for your wedding shoes, keep in mind that – like any shoe – they should be comfortable immediately. Never buy uncomfortable shoes thinking that you’ll “break them in.” And shop for your bridal shoes at the end of the day. Not only do most weddings take place later in the day, your feet swell to their largest in the evening. Buying your wedding shoes at that time of day will ensure you get the best fit.


Tips and trends to create the wedding of your dreams for less2013-07-05T02:29:39+00:00

(BPT) – When it comes to the big day, you want a wedding that suits you and your fiance perfectly, whether it’s a casual outdoor affair or a formal black-tie event. One thing every couple can agree on is that planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful.

A few insider tips and trends of 2013 will help you plan the wedding of your dreams without undue stress. Start by utilizing online resources. Planning months in advance can help ensure you get every detail perfect for your dream wedding. A variety of helpful online resources will provide everything you need. —

For the latest trends without the extra cost, renting has never been more in vogue. Helpful sites like the American Rental Association (ARA) have everything you need to create your dream wedding. From choosing your china and linens to finding the latest decor and color options, it’s a great planning resource. Brides remain stress-free because many ARA rental stores offer complementary professional assistance for wedding equipment rentals, helping you plan all the intricate details for your big day.

Next visit, the online website for Brides magazine, which has a plethora of informational articles as well as info on the latest bridal trends. From tips on choosing the right dress to a beauty calendar checklist for up to 12 months before the big day, it’s a fantastic resource for staying organized. For the do-it-herself bride, is a great resource for finding unique decor and ideas to make your wedding completely “you.”

When you’re feeling stumped about some aspect of planning, is sure to inspire. Start by learning your personal wedding style – are you modern, vintage or offbeat? Then jump into learning about color schemes, fashion, honeymoons and more. is a helpful resource also, with a variety of planning tools, insightful guides and the opportunity for couples to create a free website about their wedding.

Want to know some of the top bridal trends of 2013? From color to cake, brides today are thinking outside the box. Here are some top trends to consider:

Color: When it comes to colors there’s no need to be coy – top trends of 2013 are bright and bold. From ruby reds, rich blues, vivid violets and sunshine yellows, splashes of color liven up your decor and create a memorable atmosphere. It’s easy to seamlessly incorporate a fun color without going over the top when you rent – consider renting runners, centerpieces and even stemware in the color of your choice.

Dessert: While traditional brides may prefer a multilayered wedding cake, many others are taking a fun approach to desserts. Do you and your honey love apple pie? Place homemade apple pies on each table. Have your first date at an ice cream parlor? Set up an ice cream bar with a variety of toppings for guests to create their own sundae. You can rent all the extras to create an authentic ice cream shop atmosphere.

Go virtual: It’s unlikely that every guest you invite will be able to attend, so now technology is bringing people closer together no matter where they reside. Couples with guests who live far away or family who aren’t able to attend are now sharing their special day by live-streaming the ceremony and reception. Guests can then attend the wedding virtually.

Bouquets: Flowers are beautiful, but creative brides are taking a fresh look at traditional bouquets. Adorn your blooms with gems or feathers for a stunning accent as you walk down the aisle. Or, skip flowers altogether and create a family heirloom – gather vintage brooches from friends and family and make a sparkling jewelry bouquet with supplies from your local craft store.

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate into your big day, renting your dream wedding supplies rather than buying is a wise decision. You’ll get the latest trends at an affordable price.


One-of-a-kind ideas for an unforgettable wedding2013-07-05T02:24:54+00:00

From the proposal to the wedding party gifts to the photographs, here’s how to make your special day stand out.
(BPT) – Mark knew he wanted to marry his girlfriend, Stacy, but he didn’t know how to pop the question. The proposal had to be memorable, unique, and meaningful for just the two of them. A cozy picnic on their favorite beach, surrounded by soft sand and cresting waves sounded perfect. Mark just needed that one final detail to make saying “I do” irresistible.-

Mark decided to ask his friend Travis, a store manager at Things Remembered in Clovis, California for ideas. Mark told Travis about his beach proposal. As soon as he mentioned his girlfriend’s love of wine, Travis suggested, “Bring in a bottle of her favorite vintage and we’ll engrave: ‘Stacy, Will You Marry Me?’ on it. When she says ‘yes,’ fill it with sand from the beach as a keepsake.”

As details for the upcoming nuptials were set, Mark and Stacy added an engraved wine charm displaying their wedding date. And when the day finally arrived, the couple was able to use the very special bottle to adorn their head table.

Want to make your wedding moments as one-of-a-kind as Mark and Stacy’s? Here are some unique wedding ideas to inspire you.

Capture the look of your love with a custom logo

Are you classic and sophisticated, modern and chic, or casual and whimsical? Whatever your style, you can design a logo that captures that unique spirit. Use it to seamlessly tie together all of the many elements of your event, from the invitations to the programs to your aisle runner and toasting flutes. Imagine your logo as your cake topper or delicately weaved into the design with fondant. The possibilities are endless.

You may be thinking that a wedding logo sounds amazing, but it’s probably time-consuming and expensive. No worries – the personalization experts at Things Remembered will do all the work for you. You’ll get a customized logo (available in several digital formats) that can be used in dozens of ways. And it’s free with any qualifying bridal purchase – perfect for any wedding budget.

Spice up your guest book

It’s tradition to have your guests “sign in” at your wedding. But how can you turn it into an experience? Get a big, blank-paged guest book with plenty of room inside. Engrave your names and wedding date on the cover. Then grab some props that fit your wedding’s theme and rent a photo booth. It’s time for everyone to strike a pose! Who doesn’t love playing around with different looks while a camera captures the moment?-

Your guests can keep a few photos for themselves, plus paste favorites into your guest book along with their personal messages. It’s much more fun than a simple signature!

Take your wedding gifts up a notch – personalize them

When she was younger, Kristen, a bride-to-be in Minnesota, loved taking walks with her father after dinner. It was their time to catch up and share stories. For her special day, she wanted to give her dad a gift to remind him of those moments. She bought a frame ready for a photo of the two of them walking down the aisle. On it she engraved, “Of all the walks we’ve taken together, this one is my favorite.” It’s a gift her dad will never forget.

The best way to share your love and gratitude is to give personal, one-of-a-kind gifts that are made just for the ones you love. Add a meaningful quote to a pocket watch for your best man or personalize a bracelet with your maid of honor’s favorite song lyrics. Flower girls will love seeing their monogram on a customized keepsake locket, and ring bearers can’t help but show off their first engraved ID bracelet.

And what is more personal than a message written by you? A new service at Things Remembered called iEngrave lets you personalize your gifts with your own handwriting. Write out your message as only you can and iEngrave will take care of the rest. Your friends and family will never receive another gift so unique.

For more information on custom wedding logos, iEngrave and other personalized wedding day gift options, visit


Wedding Flowers and Colours2013-06-08T02:17:40+00:00

Color Schemes.

The color scheme you select will set your wedding apart.

Flower arrangements and bouquets can be tied into everything from wedding invitations, party gifts or even the cake. Using colour scheme of the ceremony as a springboard for ideas is a fantastic way to get started selecting the flowers you’ll ultimately decide to go with.

The color scheme you select will set your wedding apart. By choosing a color scheme right from the start, your wedding décor will reflect your own personal taste and look beautiful in every detail.

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